Every year the IWEA and the Water Environment Federation has a slate of honors and awards which are presented to deserving members, supporters, and facilities. Use the links below to learn more about the various awards and their past recipients. Please contact Brook Henry, Awards Committee Chair, with any questions.

Member Association Awards:
These awards, listed below, are presented at the Illinois Water Environment Association Annual Meeting each year. You can find information regarding award criteria, nomination forms, and past recipients on the MEMBER ASSOCIATION AWARDS web page.
Federation Level Awards:
These awards, listed below, are presented at the Water Environment Federation Annual Meeting (WEFTEC) each year. You can find award descriptions and past IWEA recipients on the FEDERATION LEVEL AWARDS web page. Awards criteria is available on the WEF WEBSITE AWARDS PAGE
Quarter Century Operators Club:
This award is presented to WEF members whom have been in wastewater treatment business for 25 years, 10 of which they have been actively involved in day-to-day  collections, maintenance, operations, laboratory, or management of a wastewater transportation or treatment facility. The application form and a list of past IWEA recipients is available on the QUARTER CENTURY OPERATORS CLUB web page.

Illinois Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (I5S):
WEA members may be awarded the "Golden Shovel" by serving the Association as Committee Members or Chairs over a period of years.  They may be on multiple committees for a short term or one committee for a decade.  The bottom line is service and support of IWEA goals and programs. More information and a list of past recipients is available on the ILLINOIS SELECT SOCIETY OF SANITARY SLUDGE SHOVELERS web page.