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Outstanding Young Professional Award

This Award recognizes the contribution of  young water environment professionals for significant contributions to the IWEA and to the advancement of knowledge, technology, and practices in the operation, management, design or construction of wastewater and pollutions prevention systems.

Outstanding Young Professional Award On-line Nomination Form

Outstanding Young Professional Award Recipients

2010 - 2019
2020Dylan Cooney
2021Monica Gunderson
2022Ed Jankun


2010 - 2019
2011Caitlin Feehan
2012Fred Wu
2013Dan Small
2014Carlee Scharnhorst
2015Ryan Christopher
2016Archana Kuchimanchi
2017Kelly Lockerbie
2018Brooke Henry
2019Paul Hurley


2008 - 2009
2008Amanda Withers
2009Kendra Sveum