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Quarter Century Operators Club

If you have been in wastewater treatment business for 25 years, 10 of which you have been actively involved in day-to-day  collections, maintenance, operations, laboratory, or management of a wastewater transportation or treatment facility, than you may be a candidate for the WEF Quarter Century Operator's Club. Application forms are available on the WEF WEBSITE.

George L. HankammerShirley Burger
Miles LambDaniel T. McCarthy
John E. Rothweiler, Jr.Michael Waldron
Richard C. RohrRoss Nelson, 2008
Charles L. WilliamsSam McNeilly, 2008
Herbert J. Anderson, Jr.Lawrence Quick, 2008
George H. StevensMark Termini, 2008
William L. MunchJames Winslade, 2008
Robert KlauseggerGregory Cargill
Joseph W. LarsonMike Botts
Earl W. KnightTerry Jenkins, 2011
Gregory J. BrunstMark Orey, 2011
Ralph E. PfisterJames Liubucich, 2012
David J. SentmanGreg Garbs, 2013
Gary E. ZiolsRandy Tucker, 2013
James CamenischRicky Lee Lallish, 2020
Craig KlenzmanPatrick Connolly, 2020
David L. SullivanPaul Cacioppo, 2022
John Bowman 
Frederick Dale 
Patricia Schatz 
Rich Schultz 
Hugh McMillian 
Mitch Patterson