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Federation Level Awards

These awards are presented at the Water Environment Federation Annual Meeting (WEFTEC) each year. Award criteria is available on the awards page of the WEF website.  For further information, please contact Christopher Buckley, IWEA Awards Committee Chair.


Thomas R. Camp Medal
This medal is awarded to a member who demonstrates a unique application of basic research or fundamental principles through the design or development of a wastewater collection or treatment system.
Thomas R. Camp Medal Recipients 

Eddy Wastewater Principles/Processes Medal
The Eddy Medal honors Harrison Prescott Eddy, a prominent engineer and a pioneer in the field of wastewater treatment. The medal is awarded for research that makes a vital contribution to the existing knowledge of the fundamental principles or process of wastewater treatment, as comprehensively described and published in a federation periodical.
Eddy Medal Award Recipients

Charles Alvin Emerson Medal
This award is presented to an individual whose contributions to the wastewater collection and treatment industry most deserves recognition. Particular emphasis is placed on the nominee's involvement in the problems and activities of the Water Environment Federation, including the stimulation of membership, improving standards of techniques of wastewater treatment, water resource protection, and fostering fundamental research.
Emerson Medal Award Recipients

Collection System Award
This award is presented to an individual for contributions to the advancement of the state of the art of wastewater collection.
Collection System Award Recipients

Ralph Fuhrman Medal for Outstanding Water Quality Academic-Practice Collaboration
This award commemorates the service of Water Environment Federation Past-President Dr. Ralph E. Fuhrman, who was a master of collaboration among the academicians and practitioners. The Medal promotes and rewards extraordinary collaborative work by two or more people. The Medal-worthy collaboration must have made a demonstrated positive impact on advancing the water quality profession by increasing the knowledge base, demonstrating the application of innovative scientific concepts or innovative project implementation methods as part of water quality enhancement projects and enhancing the relationship between academia and clean water practitioners. 
Ralph Fuhrman Medal Recipients

George Bradley Gascoigne Medal
This medal is awarded to the author(s) of an article which presents the solution to an important and complicated operational problem within a full scale, appropriately staffed operating wastewater treatment plant.

Hazardous Waste Management Award
This award recognizes an individual for their efforts in promoting quality technical and/or management performance in activities and professionalism within and on behalf of the field of Hazardous Waste Management.

Industrial Water Quality Achievement Award
This award is presented to a corporation and, if applicable, to its engineering firm that best demonstrates significant, lasting and measurable excellence in water quality improvement or in the prevention of water quality degradation as demonstrated by innovative design and operation of an industrial wastewater, pretreatment or source prevention program.

Gorden Maskew Fair Medal
This award is presented for outstanding service in the training and development of future engineers.
Maskew Award Recipients

Philip F. Morgan Medal
This medal recognizes valuable contributions to the in-plant study and solution of an operation problem. Awards are given in two categories: (1) work accomplished in plants serving more than 5000 people and (2) work accomplished in plants serving less that 5000 people.
Morgan Award Recipients

Outstanding Achievement in Water Quality Improvement Award
This award is presented annually to the water quality improvement program that best demonstrates significant, lasting and measurable excellence in water quality improvement or in prevention of water quality degradation in a region, basin or water body.
Outstanding Achievement Award Recipients

Outstanding Contribution to the Water Environment for Non-Members
This award is presented to an individual that shows outstanding lifetime accomplishments and contributions in improving the water environment. This would include actions that demonstrate commitment, leadership, and understanding of significant water environment issues, and provides an outstanding or unique improvement in the water environment at the local, regional, national or international level. 

Public Education Award
This award recognizes Federation members for significant accomplishments in promoting awareness and understanding of water environment issues among the general public, through the development and implementation of public education programs.

Public Official Award
The Public Officials Award is presented to an elected or appointed public official that has made a documented, significant contribution in the areas of clean water legislation, public policy, government service, or another area of public prominence that resulted in improvements to the water environment.  The award can be presented for public service at the local, state or federal level.
Public Official Award Recipients

Harry E. Schlenz Medal
This award is presented to an individual who takes up the banner of water environment public education and presents it to the public in a productive process. Only individuals whose principal employment is outside the water environment profession are eligible for nomination. They cannot be members of the Water Environment Federation.

George J. Schroepfer Medal
This award is presented to an engineering consultant, municipal engineer, or industrial engineer who is a professional engineer in responsible charge of the design of facilities for the conveyance, treatment, or disposal of wastewater and/or treatment residues. The recipient must demonstrate excellence in conceiving and directing the design of a project to achieve substantial cost savings or economic benefit over other alternatives, while achieving environmental objectives.
Schroepfer Award Recipients