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Technical Presentation Award

This award is acknowledges outstanding presentations at the IWEA Annual Conference.  The award recipient is chosen based on evaluations submitted by conference attendees.

Technical Presentation Award Recipients

2020 - 2029
2020 Ryan Siegel                                Designing a Water Purification Device by Nanucurcumin and Dissolvable Paper
2021Bethany BurtonABC's of BNR: An Introduction and Evolution of Biological Nutrient Removal; From A2/O to Modified Bardenpho to an Improved Biological Phosphorus Removal


2010 - 2019
2019 Dominic BroseA Reduction in Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products in Class A Biosolids by Open-Composting
2018Dr. George WellsMainstream Deammonification
2016Raj BhattaraiAdvances in Water Resource Recovery: An Overview
2015Dr. Olawale OladejiBiosolids Beneficial REuse Programs: SWOT and PEST Evaluations to Ensure Sustainability
2014Amy UnderwoodImproved Biosolids Stabilization Utilizing Temperature Phased Anaerobic Digestion
2013Azadeh BloorchianSurvey of Green Infrastructure for Sewer Overflows Reduction in Metropolitan St. Louis
2012Christopher TrifilettiCyber Terrorism in Illinois - The Cyber Attack that Wasn't and What Should We Do About It?
2011William GonwaWhy 100 Year Storms Occur So Frequently and What To Do About It
2010Auralene Toni GlymphProtozoa as Indicators of Activated Sludge Conditions


2000 - 2009
2009Lakhwinder HundalConcerns about Endocrine Disruptint Chemicals in Land Application Solids -- Media Hype or Reality?
2008Ed KobylinskiPreparing to Meet Future Phosphorus Limits
2007Dr. Sam JeyanagamAre You Spending Quality Time with Your Clarifier?
2006Daria ZelaskoBenevolent Bacteria: Indigenous Bacteria Remediation
2005Jack PizzoUsing Native Plantings for Waste Water Treatment, in Floodplains and Storm Water Management Areas