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Golden Manhole Award

This award acknowledges an individual that has made significant contributions in promoting individual professionalism and pride among those working in the design, management, construction, operations and maintenance of collection systems. It also acknowledges contributions to the success of the Illinois Water Environment Association and its goals, and effort over an extensive period of time which has positively contributed to the betterment of individuals associated with collection systems.

Golden Manhole Award On-line Nomination Form

Golden Manhole Award Recipients   

2020 - 2021
2020Joe Sullivan
2021Fred Wu


2010 - 2019

2019Dan Small
2017Keith Zollers
2015Allison Swisher
2013Tom Woods
2012Cathy Morley
2011Tony Conn
2010Bob Voss


2000 - 2009

2009Mike Turley
2008Greg Cargil
2007Mark Straughn
2006Doug Severson
2005Dan Peterson
2000Alan Hollenbeck
2000Gregory Brunst


1998 - 1999

1999Laura McGovern
1999Mike Jankovic
1998George Stevens