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William D. Hatfield Award

This award acknowledges an operator of a wastewater treatment plant for outstanding performance and professionalism.

Hatfield Award On-line Nomination Form

Hatfield Award Recipients

2020 - 2029

2021Jeff Niles

2010 - 2019

2010Darrin B. Boyer
2011Kathy Cooper
2012Mark Termini
2013Larry McFall
2014Bruce Butler
2015Brett Garelli
2017Joel Ilseman
2018Sandra Matual


2000 - 2009

2001Gary Ziols
2002Frederick Dale
2003Gregory Cargill
2004Robert Brummond
2006George Schillinger
2008Sam McNeilly
2009Greg Garbs


1990 - 1999

1990Richard Schultz
1991Richard Eick
1992Charles L. Williams
1993Lloyd Lamberton
1994David Sullivan
1995Timothy Cardella
1996William L. Munch
1997William Bowles
1998Gregory J. Brunst
1999Hugh McMillan


1980 - 1989

1981George L Hankammer
1982Ralph E. Phister
1983Raymond R. Rimkus
1984Jerrold L. Olmstead 
1985Abbott L. Burton
1986Robert B, Klausegger
1987Larry Hughes
1988Tim Bachman
1989George Stevens