Our Mission: To connect and enrich the Illinois water community
and increase the awareness of the impact and value of water.

IL Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers

An IWEA members may be awarded the "Golden Shovel" by serving the Association as Committee Members or Chairs over a period of years.  They may be on multiple committees for a short term or one committee for a decade.  The bottom line is service and support of IWEA goals and programs.

I5S members are nominated by the standing group of shovelers.  Shovels are award at the IWEA Annual Banquet.

The pH 7 Inflow Regulator manages the program and awards the shovels. Past Regulators include Jerry Reynolds, Don Ohrt, Greg Brunst, and Greg Garbs. The current Regulator is Dan Small.

 YearShoveler Membership Type 
2024Barb ScapardineMember
2024Rick LallishMember
2024Howard CarterHonorary
2023Doug ArmstrongMember
2023Matt SchlitzMember
2023Gustavo Gallo-ChaconHonorary
2022Lynn KohlhaasMember
2022Jane SchipmaMember
2022Keith HobsonHonoary
2021Nate DavisMember
2021Keith RichardMember
2020Kelly LockerbieMember
2020Brett GarelliMember
2020Aimee KillenHonorary
2019 Alice OhrtmannMember
2019 Ryan ChristopherMember
2019 Tom KunetzHonorary
2018 Daniel SmallMember
2018 Michael LutzMember
2018 Eileen O'NeillHonorary
2017Bernie HeldMember
2017Lee MelcherMember
2017Peter VanrolleghemHonorary
2016Peter LynchMember
2016Carlee ScharnhorstMember
2016Jackie JarrellHonorary
2015Cheryl KunzMember
2015Eric BerggrenMember
2015Thomas KunetzMember
2014Dan CollinsMember
2014Fred WuMember
2014Jenny HartfelderHonorary
2013Tom McSwiggenMember
2013Kendra SveumMember
2013Scott TrotterHonorary
2012Laurie RiotteMember
2012Rebecca RoseMember
2012John HartHonorary
2011Daniel BoundsMember
2011Krishna PagillaMember
2011Paul BowenHonorary
2010Tom GranatoMember
2010Lou StorinoMember
2010Rebecca WestHonorary
2009Mark TerminiMember
2009Debra NessMember
2009Adam ZabinskiHonorary
2008Al HollenbeckMember
2008Kam LawMember
2007Mark HalmMember
2007Linda Smith-VargoMember
2007J. Michael ReadHonorary
2006Kathy CooperMember
2006Greg GarbsMember
2006Lynn OrphanHonorary
2005Amanda WithersMember
2005Dennis PrieweMember
2005Lawrence JaworskiHonorary
2004Eliana BrownMember
2004Sam McNeillyMember
2004Robert McMillonHonorary
2003Shirley BurgerMember
2003Anthony Bouchard    Member
2003Erwin OdealHonorary
2002Louis KolliasMember
2002John LambMember
2002James ClarkHonorary
2001Charlie WilliamsMember
2001Russell BakerMember
2001Joseph StoweHonorary
2000Terry JenkinsMember
2000John DrakeMember
2000Rhonda HarrisHonorary
1999Laura McGovernMember
1999Mary JohnsonMember
1999Dale JacobsonHonorary
1998Fredrick DaleMember
1998Prakasam TataMember
1998Albert GoodmanHonorary
1997Jay PatelMember
1997Andrew FtacekMember
1997Stanton LeSieurHonorary
1996Tim ZookMember
1996Pat SchatzMember
1996Michael PollenHonorary
1995Robert BrummondMember
1995Norm RoseMember
1995Billy TurnerHonorary
1994Richard HelmMember
1994Phillip GerwertHonary
1993Gayle O'NeillMember
1993Tim KlugeMember
1993Charles SoberHonary
1992Herbert AndersonMember
1992Richard SchultzMember
1992Charles KaiserHonary
1991Michael BottsMember
1991Lloyd LambertonMember
1991Charles MuchmoreMember
1991Roger DolanHonary
1990Abbott BurtonMember
1990David SullivanMember
1990Arthur SaarinenHonary
1989Richard EickMember
1989Greg CargillMember
1989Beth TurnerHonary
1988Charles CorleyMember
1988Donald HarperMember
1988James AbbottHonary
1987Gregory BrunstMember
1987J. Mark CrumpMember
1987Larry Ziemba (deceased)Member
1986William MunchMember
1986Theodore DenningMember
1986Don Ort (deceased)Member
1986Carl HuberMember
1985Tim BachmanMember
1985David ZenzMember
1985Robert KlauseggerMember
1985Henry SchwartzHonary
1984Robert RandolphMember
1984Toby DuckettMember
1984Raymond RimkusMember
1984Harry TowHonorary
1983Larry HughesMember
1983Gregory MaxwellMember
1983Harris ChienMember
1983Earnest GloynaHonorary
1982Edward Marek (deceased)Member
1982Harold GoldsmithMember
1982John PfefferMember
1982Jack NewbouldHonorary
1981Jeremiah ReynoldsCharter
1981Paul Clinebell (deceased)Charter
1981Ralph PfisterCharter
1981Hugh McMillan (deceased)Charter
1981John Forneris (deceased)Charter
1981Lawrence MaddenCharter
1981George StevensCharter
1981Miles LambCharter
1981Carl WrightCharter
1981Ralph EvansMember
1981William BuschMember
1981Edward RubinMember
1981George Hankammer    Member
1981Leo Rehm (deceased)Member
1981Kenneth Watson (deceased)Member
1981Charles JonesHonorary