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Kenneth C. Merideth Memorial Award

This award acknowledges an individual who has performed duties above and beyond the usual employment requirements so as to elevate the status of the plant operator and promote operator professionalism within the State of Illinois.

Merideth Award On-line Nomination Form

Merideth Award Recipients

(* denotes award given by Illinois Society of Water Pollution Control Operators)


2020 - 2029
2020Dan Misko
2021Jane Schipma
2022Adam Gronski


2010 - 2019

2010Ralph Pfister
2011Jim Listwan
2012Joe Koronkowski
2014Bob Shull
2017Rick Lallish
2018Wade Lagle
2019Aruch Poonsapaya


2000 - 2009
2000George Stevens
2001David Sullivan
2002Gregory Garbs
2003H. Scott Wallis
2004Kathy Cooper
2006Charles Corley
2007Dennis Webb
2008Phillip Brandenburg
2009Mark Termini


1990 - 1999
1990Lloyd Lamberton
1991J. Michael Botts
1995Michael Burnett
1996Joyce Felgar
1997Frederick Dale
1998Herbert J. Anderson
1999Russell Baker


1980 - 1989
1981Jacob Rohrich*
1982George Hankammer*
1983Robert Klausegger*
1984Abbott Burton*
1985Lawrence Ziemba*
1986Jeffold Olmstead*
1987William Busch
1988Joseph Schaberger
1989Gregory J. Brunst