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Stockholm Junior Water Prize

IWEA's  Senior Division (Grades 9-12) Clean Water Award winners are eligible to participate in another youth award competition for water science research projects: the Illinois Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP). The Illinois SJWP winner will compete with other State winners in a National competition. Transportation and all local expenses will be provided for the winner and teacher sponsor to compete at the National competition.

More SJWP information is available on the Water Environment Federation website: .http://www.wef.org/SJWP/

Our 2023 Winner: Macy Putnam

Ms. Macy Putnam is the 2023 IWEA Clean Water Award winner and our representative to the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) with her presentation entitled, The Development of a Mobile, Arduino-Based Water Quality Testing Apparatus. Macy is from Augusta, a small town in west central Illinois with a population of about 600. She is one of 300 students at Southeastern High School, home of the Suns.
Macy designed, developed, and deployed a floating water quality monitoring device to test pH, turbidity, and conductivity. Macy first competed with her project at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science competition at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale on April 28. Her project was then chosen fromamong 48 water-related projects to advance to the next level. The competition was judged by eight members of the IWEA SJWP Committee, chaired by Norm Rose.

WEF sponsors the Stokholm Junior Water Prize.

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Past Winners

Congratulations to Illinois Stockholm Junior Water Prize nominated students.

2023Macy Putnam
The Development of a Mobile, Arduino-Based Water Quality Testing Apparatus
2022Nicole Sandu, Lane Tech, Chicago, IL
Effects of Phytoremediation on Eutrophication
2021Meha Krishnareddigari & Riya Khandelwal, Adlai E. Stevenson High School
The Application of Fruit Peels in the Extraction of Nitrites from Water
2020Priyanka Patel, Niles West High School
2019Priyanka Patel, Niles West High School
2018 Karuturi Ashritha, Illinois Math and Science Academy
2015Ambria Benesch, Niles North High School
2014Anna Gupta 
2014David Lisk 
2013Rachel Traisman 
2012Nishith Reddy