Safety and Security

Committees: Safety and Security


Committee Chair:

Tim DeLathauwer
(630) 664-2913

Committee Mission Statement:

Provides educational support, expert speakers, and seminars for IWEA and its membership relative to
safety, and safe operations at wastewater facilities, and security of wastewater facilities. Assists in
selecting safety award winners.

Specific Activities:

  1. Provide a forum for safety and security issues for IWEA members through educational forums such as workshops, specialty conferences, and publications in the IWEA publications.
  2. Work with other IWEA committees to ensure that safety and security issues and concerns are properly addressed in all IWEA programs.
  3. Provide technical assistance and serve as advisors to policy makers on safety and security issues.
  4. Develop and assist others in the development of safety and security educational materials and safety practices surveys.
  5. Assist in the nomination and selection of WEF safety award winners.
  6. Assist in safety oriented competition components of operations challenge.

Sample Safety Policies and Programs

The safety committee has developed sample safety policies to address common safety issues associated with the wastewater industry. You can access them by clicking the links below. Documents are PDFs unless indicated otherwise.

Audiometric Policy
Noise Exposure Program
General Housekeeping Policy
Monthly Building Inspection Form
Job Safety Analysis - Clarifier Painting
Job Safety Analysis Master Form
Job Safety Analysis Master Form (WORD Format)
New Employee Safety Orientation