Committees: Nutrient Removal and Recovery


Committee Chair:

Brett Garelli
City of Wood Dale
(630) 787-3782

Committee Vice-Chair

Matthew T. Schlitz, P.E.
Phone: 312-751-3096


NRRC Members

Committee Description

IWEA Nutrient Removal and Recovery Committee (NRRC) has been established with the goals of information sharing, education and training, and advocacy focusing on regulations, policies, and technologies of nutrient removal and recovery. Similar to POTW's in other States, Illinois POTW's are facing the ever increasing likelihood of phosphorus limits and possibly, nitrogen limits on effluent discharges. Non-point sources that contribute nutrients to the receiving water bodies also face potential nutrient limits to achieve overall watershed water quality goals. Control of nutrient discharges to levels that do not impair water quality and in fact, improve water quality is critical in protecting and preserving receiving waters. Recovery of valuable resources such as phosphorus from wastewater is the future of sustainable water management. Sustainable practices with respect to nutrients will greatly improve the water quality without compromising the overall quality of life with respect to economy, environment, and social benefit. In the near future, the IWEA NRRC will focus on understanding the needs of the IWEA membership in terms nutrient removal and recovery, bring useful information to the membership through workshops and seminars, and be a platform for exchange of ideas and practices among the members.

Each year, cosponsored by the Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies (IAWA) and the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators (IAWPCO), NRRC hosts a workshop in September to discuss the latest developments in nutrient removal and resource recovery. The workshop is composed of a keynote address delivered by a well-respected professional in the arena, regulatory updates, and case studies presented by POTW representatives to discuss their experiences in operating nutrient removal facilities. Previous keynote speakers include Dr. James Barnard of B&V and Dr. J. B. Neethling of HDR. This year the workshop will be held at the Medinah Shriners in Addison, IL in September 11, 2018. A complete program of the workshop will be coming out soon through The Clarifier and e-News so stay tuned.