Electric Power

Electric Power, Energy and Controls


Committee Chair:

Glenn Gottardo
(312) 751-3120






Committee Description

The IWEA Electric Power, Energy and Control (EPEC) was established in 2008 to develops, educates, and provides general understanding for the electrical and energy issues related to the mission of IWEA, WEF, and their memberships.


The committee's work focuses on three technical areas: electric power systems; electrical energy cost and efficiency; and control systems.

To this end, EPEC has a number of activities to promote this mission. EPEC authors the Electricity and Water Do Mix articles quarterly issues of the Clarifier newsletter. Additionally, EPEC moderates and sponsors the wastewater technical sessions at the annual WaterCon in Springfield, Illinois. Lastly, as part of the WaterCon, EPEC organizes and hosts the Energy Roundtable discussion; a moderated discussion with a panel of our peers to share practical and real-world knowledge, experience, and expertise on the energy related issues that affect our industry.


Call for Members

EPEC is seeking volunteers to join the committee. Those interested should contact the Committee Chair listed above.


Note: Interested volunteers are not required to be electrical engineers or to have electrical engineering background to participate. Those with a knowledge and interest in the technical areas above are welcome.