Committee Chair:

Kuldip Kumar
(708) 588-3579


Biosolids Committee Members


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The IWEA Biosolids Committee has been established with the goals of information sharing, education and training, and advocacy focusing on regulations, policies, and technologies of wastewater treatment biosolids operations and beneficial reuse of biosolids. Nutrient removal from wastewater, its affect on biosolids and emerging technological advances in the processing of biosolids are a focus of the Biosolids Committee as well. The beneficial reuse of biosolids in Illinois has received much attention, both positive and negative. Public Relations and emerging regulations play a role in how biosolids must be distributed in our state. Through seminars and conferences the Biosolids Committee will address the focus areas and more.

Future programs and activities will be listed here and also through the Clarifier and e-news.

The Northwest Biosolids Management Association also provides information of interest to biosolids professionals.