Awards Committee

Committee Chair:

Kelly Lockerbie
Donohue and Associates
(312) 583-7232

Committee Vice Chair:

Alice Ohrtmann
Rock River Water Reclamation
(815) 387-7635

Awards Committee Members

Committee Description

The Awards Committee has been established to solicit and to evaluate nominations for the annual WEF and IWEA awards and present our selection to the IWEA Board. It is also our responsibility to prepare the awards presentations for the Annual Banquet, which includes: notifying the award winners, ordering the awards and preparing a brief presentation for each award. In addition, the committee is to prepare any necessary documents for submittal for any national WEF award. We are to provide pertinent information for the Clarifier newsletter regarding the awards (i.e. announcing the award winners and soliciting award nominations). It is also the Awards Committee’s responsibility to develop the criteria for any new proposed IWEA award as recommended by the IWEA Board. The Awards Committee works closely with the Newsletter, Marketing, Website, Local Arrangements and Annual Conference Committees to accomplish our objectives.

The Awards Committee yearly objectives are: